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A big welcome to Ciaran Lavers in joining the Nineways Chiropractic Team

Ciaran has recently moved from Sydney to join Nineways Chiropractic, with a Master of Chiropractic, and a passion for sports and rehabilitation.

Working with a Grade 1 AFL Team as a sports trainer, Ciaran has experience with strapping, treating players, sports injury massage & developing exercise plans for rehabilitation as well as injury prevention.

A competitive tennis player since the age of ten, he is still involved with this sport, coaching and mentoring players of all levels. He uses his knowledge of tennis to assess players strengths, guiding them with exercises to improve overall playing performance as well as aiding swift recovery in cases of injury.

With a personal interest in the healing process, he has extended his studies to include dry needling, DNS & functional movement, all of which are included in the services offered by Nineways Clinic.

Ciaran’s days at Nineways are Tuesday to Friday each week.

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