Dynamic Neuromuscular Stablisation (DNS)

What is it?
DNS is a new manual rehabilitative and performance enhancement approach based upon developmental movement principles.
Where was it developed?
Through the Prague School of Rehabilitation which is based at Charles University’s Motol Hospital in the capital of the Czech Republic.
What is its history?
The Prague School has been famous for many decades as a leading teaching authority in the field of rehabilitation, frequently initiating new manual care concepts. Professors Vladimir Janda, Karel Lewit, Vaclav Vojta and most recently Pavel Kolar have each been world renowned clinical researchers and Rehabilitation specialists.
Where is it now taught and practiced?
This particular approach has rapidly gained recognition throughout the world having begun in Prague it has spread through Europe, America and now Australasia.
Was has been the development in Australia?
Australian clinicians have been travelling to Prague for post graduate training for the past 12 years. There are now two (2) Australian certified lecturers in DNS, one of these being Inger Villadsen, the principal at Nineways Chiropractic Clinic. Many clinicians including physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and medical practitioners are now taking a variety of DNS related courses in Australia.
How does it work?
DNS is designed to evoke motor patterns in the brain in order to activate the body’s “stabilizing system” and thereby facilitating more effective balanced movement and endurance. This allows for improved body awareness, posture and respiration. DNS techniques stimulate the brain which controls all neuromuscular activity. Consistent with the objectives of chiropractic this method helps restore structural and postural alignment of the body’s neuromuscular skeletal system.
How is it utilized at Nineways?
All chiropractors in attendance at the clinic are competent in and enthusiastic about DNS and all are attending DNS post graduate programmes. Each practitioner provides various other chiropractic techniques but utilizes DNS in appropriate cases or to supplement standard chiropractic measures. The technique is particularly valuable in addressing chronic pain and problem cases. It is also most effective in enhancing sports performances and caring for infants with delayed developmental milestones. Through DNS there is an integration of the effectiveness of manipulation, mobilization, postural awareness and exercises.
You can obtain a DNS handout from www.rehabps.com
DNS Courses/Seminars

Held regularly in various locations

DNS is a contemporary and rapidly expanding approach that is being embraced by clinicians, coaches and sports trainers both internationally and domestically.


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